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Wine Stoppers
Wine Stoppers
Wine Stopper

I'm sure you're confused to see that I'm making wine stoppers when I'm only fourteen years old and not to mention that my company name is Pens Ink. So how did this happen you ask? Well, I was invited to go to a festival to sell my pens and someone suggested that I make wine stoppers because there would be other vendors selling wine and cheese. So my Dad and I thought what the heck, we'll give it a try. We didn't have a lot of time and only made seven wine stoppers. Interestingly enough, I sold all seven. So now I get to make stoppers for bottles of wine that I can't enjoy for another seven years years.
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All of my wine stoppers are
100% stainless steel

Hand-turned Wine Stoppers start at:  $48.00
STEP 1: Select Wine Stopper
   NOTE - If you saw a special design on my "Buy Now" page you would like please emter the Item number in the "Additional Comments" section
Wine Stopper
STEP 2: Select Wine Stopper Material (only select one piece of material for each wine stopper ordered)
Select a Blank



Antique Gold

Black & Gold


Blue & Gold

Blue & White

Bronze & Orange

Bronze & Violet
Cherrries Jubilee

Cotton Candy

Crushed Cranberry 
Deep Purple

Desert Oasis

Dyna Blue
Emerald Green

Golden Red
Holiday Swirl



Mauve Coral
Ocean Mist
Patriotic Swirl
Pretty Blue

Purple Haze

Tangerine & Gold

Violet & Pink

White Pearl

White & Black

Azurite Web

Black & Red Jasper

Honey Jasper

Lapis (Chilean Lapis)

Mexican Agate

Persian Turquoise

Red Jasper



White Buffalo

Wild Horse Jasper

Matrix - Black with Gold Web

Matrix - Red with Gold Web

Matrix - Turquoise with Gold Web

Matrix - White with Gold Matrix
STEP 3: Would you like to engrave your wine Stopper? (optional)
   NOTE - the wine stopper is large enough for up to 3 letters - if you have a special request you may want to contact me first to make sure I can meet your request.
Do you want your pen engraved?
Enter engraving message here
STEP 4:  Would you like a gift box?  (optional)
Wine Stopper Gift Box
STEP 5:  Would you like to add a special message to your gift box?  (optional)
   NOTE - the top of the gift box is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" inches - we will size your special message to fit within this space
Select a Gift Box Plaque:
Enter your special message


Brushed Brass


Bright Blue

Dark Blue

Blue Marble


Dark Red


Black Brass
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