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Erie Canal - Historic Lock 19
Vischer Ferry, New York
New York State Erie Canal Lock Wood
                ...Low Bridge, Everybody Down!

As a member of the Southern Saratoga Chamber of Commerce, in 2012 and 2013, I volunteered to help clean up Lock 19 on the Erie Canal.  Lock 19 is located just south of Clifton Park in the hamlet of Visher Ferry.  While working to restore this piece of local history, I found a piece of decayed oak wood that was part of the original structure.  I told my dad that we should try to make a pen out of the wood.  My dad thought it might be possible, but many of the other volunteers were very sceptical because it was falling apart just trying to carry it back to the work truck.

Persistance paid off.  My dad and I had already been working on a wood preservation process for historic wood from the Brookside Museum located in Ballston Spa, New York.  As you can see, these pens are unique, beautiful, and a piece of local history.  There is not much wood to work with and there will be an extremly limited number of pens that I will be able to make with this wood.

Please check my 
Online Store to see if I have any Erie Canal pens already made.  If not, you can Design Your Own Erie Canal pen, or Contact Me and I will work with you to create your own special piece of history.

Town of Clifton Park History Collection

Executive Pen with Black Titanium finish
Reclaimed wood from the Erie Canal
View 2
Lock 19 was a double chamber lock for raising and lowering boats.  It was built in 1842 during enlarement of the Erie Canal.  The far chamber was lengthened in 1885.

If you are interested in visiting this local landmark, it can be accessed from Ferry Drive in Visher Ferry, NY off of Riverview Road.  There is a small parking lot, and you will want to take the path heading east.  The restored Lock is approximately 1 mile down the path
New York State Erie Canal Lock 19 Cleanup Effort (2012-2013)

Volunteer Day 2013

Lock 19 Historical Marker

Anna Williams - cleaning up Lock 19
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